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    Fitness accessories:The essentials

    Accessoires fitness : Les incontournables - Strakk

    Fitness accessories

    In this article, we invite you to find out how and when to use fitness accessories. It is always best to do your research when looking to add certain equipment to your workout, so that each accessory is suitable for your athletic practices.


    Training gloves

    • Why use them?

    Gloves have three advantages: they prevent hand irritation, make it easier to grip the bar, and protect your wrists. When your hands get sweaty, sweat is not transmitted to the bar, giving you a better grip. In addition, the gloves can wrap tightly around your wrists to relieve you of the pressure of the barbell and weights.

    • When to use them?

    You don't have to use them all the time, but only when you really need them. If your hands are injured, if you have heavy hand sweating or if you suffer from irritation.

    • How to use them?

    Put on the gloves, make sure they fit snugly in your hand, and pull them tightly around your wrist.

    Resistance bands

    • Why use them 

    Elastics and weight bands are fundamental tools for effective progress, as they allow a very wide variety of uses. In fact, unlike exercises with weights, movements with elastics and bands offer constant, variable and progressive resistance.

    In addition, resistance bands have become an essential element in the field of fitness. It is a multifunctional accessory that can be used anywhere!

    • When to use them 

    Elastic bands can be used for stretching as well as full-fledged exercises. The elastic bands are easy to use and allow you to work without traumatizing the joints. Nevertheless, it is important to adapt the desired resistance according to your level and your goals.

    • How to use them 

    The elastic weight band offers a variety of exercises for the glutes, biceps, shoulders and back.


    Jumping rope

    • Why use it 

    The skipping rope eIt is one of the most complete exercises for building whole body muscle and improving cardio.Used for both weight loss, muscle building and even toning, the jump rope adapts to all your workouts.

    • When to use it 

    The jump rope can be used as a warm-up as well as during an intense cardio exercise.The skipping rope can be adapted to all: beginners, confirmed and to all the objectives: to lose weight or to slim, to build muscles or to refine. It is the flagship and accessible equipment for practicing regular physical activity.

    • How to use it 

    By jumping in place more or less quickly, these exercises make it possible to apply a very large number of muscles: legs, thighs, glutes, arms but also the abdominals and the back!

    Regular jumps allow you to tone, sculpt the muscles in depth but also to burn calories quickly. In fact, 15 minutes of skipping ropes can burn 725 calories, or more than 30 minutes of jogging.

    come discover4 jump rope exercises to add to your fitness routine !

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