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    Diet:5 essential foods for athletes

    Alimentation : 5 aliments essentiels pour les sportifs - Strakk

    You want to get back to sport but you do not know which diet to favor to optimize your performance? Then this article is for you!!

    When it comes to achieving sports results, it is essential to have a good diet. Certain foods are particularly recommended for athletes to recover more quickly after exercise, to nourish the muscles or to prevent cramps and aches.

    We have therefore selected for you 5 foods to consume regularly to improve your sports routine.

    The banana

    Bananas are one of the most popular fruits for athletes. Rich in carbohydrates, it helps to boost the body and gives enough energy for a one-hour workout.

    In addition, its high potassium content helps prevent cramps, aches and other joint pain or muscular.

    Bananas can also be eaten before exercise to replenish energy or after to promote recoveryn of the body.

    Goji berries

    Goji berries are excellent stimulants for athletes. Very sweet, they are rich in minerals and vitamins essential to support intense efforts.

    This fruit will therefore provide you with the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals while offering you its significant antioxidant properties.

    Before exercise, the Goji berry is a very good food supplement. During exercise, it allows for effective recovery thanks to the iron it contains. Finally, after your workout, it will provide you with the trace elements lost following intense effort..

    The chicken

    White meats are extremely popular with athletes because they offer an excellent protein / calorie ratio. Chicken breast is ideal for increasing muscle mass but also perfect for losing fat .

    This lean meat contains a high protein content which increases the density of muscle tissue and helps nourish the muscles.

    This food should preferably be consumed before exercise, favoring chicken breast, less fat than the thighs.

    The salmon

    Salmon is known to be rich in protein and Omega 3, thus helping to fight against cardiovascular disease. The vitamin B12 it contains also aids cell renewal and vitamin B6 helps regulate the level of sugar in the blood.

    Plus, salmon is rich in bone-building vitamin D, as well as protein that helps nourish muscles. All of these vitamins are effective if taken after exercise, when the body is in its recovery phase.


    Eggs are known to be one of the favorite ingredients for athletes.

    They help to boost the body, nourish the muscles and participate in the development and reconstruction of muscle tissue. Vitamin K contained in eggs is also known for its benefits on bones.

    Eggs can be eaten for breakfast as well as dinner and can be cooked in a variety of ways to vary the pleasures.


    You now have all the keys in hand to eat healthy and optimize your workouts thanks to an effective food routine adapted to the needs of your body.

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