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    Jump rope:4 exercises for your fitness routine

    Corde à sauter : 4 exercices pour votre routine fitness - Strakk

    Today, we invite you to discover a simple (but effective, I promise!) Workout of 4 exercises.

    Whether you are just starting your fitness journey with a jump rope or have just acquired your first Strakk jump rope, we are happy to present our training guide made for you!

    In this guide, you will learn which exercises to focus on, technical tips to pay attention to, and the benefits of incorporating this type of exercise into your routine.


    Which skipping rope to choose?

    Why not let yourself be tempted by one of our flagship products. The Jumping Strakk comes with weight in each handle to provide perfect support. This makes it an ergonomic product and easily transportable with its By Strakk transport bag! The Strakk rope is an excellent choice for intermediate or beginner practice. No matter your size, the Jumping Strakk offers an adjustable rope as you wish.


    The benefits of skipping rope!

    The jump rope is one of the most complete exercises in fitness. By jumping in place more or less quickly, these exercises make it possible to apply a very large number of muscles: legs, thighs, glutes, arms but also the abdominals and the back!

    Regular jumps allow you to tone, sculpt the muscles in depth but also to burn calories quickly. In fact, 15 minutes of skipping ropes can burn 725 calories, or more than 30 minutes of jogging.


    Enough talk, time for exercises! #WeAreStrakkers


    Exercise 1 - Jogging in place:

    Ideal exercise to start a session! Jogging in place can be practiced both as a warm-up but also as a cool-down exercise in your sessions.

    As the name suggests, this exercise involves jumping from one foot to the other while passing the rope with each change of foot. Start on the right foot, push off to pull the rope over you, then land on the left foot and do a little jump again to get the rope through, and so on.


    Exercise 2 Feet together::

    Traditional jump rope exercise! This exercise consists of making small jumps with both legs to pass the rope under your feet.

    To increase the intensity of this exercise, try increasing the speed of your leaps and the rotation of the rope around you.


    Exercise 3 - The side step:

    Perfect exercise to work on coordination! This exercise involves imagining an invisible line between your two feet and jumping feet together to either side of that line.

    To vary the pleasures, you can also do this exercise by jumping back and forth!

    A little advice, you can first get your hands on without the skipping rope. This will allow you to have better coordination afterwards, with the skipping rope!


    Exercise 4 - Knee lift:

    Rhythmic exercise for cardio! Knee climbs mainly work the cardio and abs.

    This exercise can be done in two ways:

    • Alternating knee-to-foot mounted jumps: raising one knee one after the other on each jump.
    • Grouped knee mounted jumps: by raising both knees joined to each jump.


    Now it's your turn to play the Strakkers!

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