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    Aches:6 techniques to relieve them

    Courbatures : 6 techniques pour les soulager - Strakk

    We have all experienced body aches after intensive training.

    These persistent pains can interfere with our daily lives and demotivate us. However, they are an integral part of training and are inevitable. However, there are some ways to reduce the pain and make it more bearable as we will show you in this article presenting 6 techniques to relieve muscle soreness.


    Staying hydrated is the easiest and most effective way to optimize body recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Drinking gallons of water will not make the aches and pains go away, but not drinking enough will increase the symptoms and increase the aches and pains.

    Hydration is therefore the best way to prevent muscle aches and can also go through the consumption of coffee, tea or herbal teas.

    An average weight adult living in a temperate climate should drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day but when temperatures increase the need for water can double or triple depending on the person's weight and the intensity of the water. his exercises.

    It is therefore essential to make sure that your body has the necessary daily level of hydration to avoid the persistent pain associated with muscle aches.

    Consume minerals and antioxidants

    Hydration obviously goes hand in hand with food and in particular minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium or Potassium which are often neglected by athletes.

    According to some studies, many adults are deficient in these minerals which help regulate certain hormones linked to the body’s recovery process.

    To consume more than Zinc, you can turn to foods like cashews, rye bread or even whole eggs.

    For themagnesium, you can find it in bananas, dark chocolate or almonds.

    And finally, concerning thePotassium, it is also present in good quantity in bananas and dark chocolate but also in potatoes, figs, dates and grapes.

    Stay active

    It may seem difficult to stay active with body aches that cripple us, yet it is important to keep your muscle and blood systems working. The latter is responsible for the evacuation of waste accumulated by the body during a sports session and it is therefore essential to remain mobile when the aches are very painful.

    For this, low or medium intensity exercises such as walking or cycling may be sufficient.

    Getting a massage

    Massages help stimulate blood circulation and therefore promote the elimination of the wastes we were talking about previously. These massages can be performed by a professional as well as by yourself, using a massage roller. Massage guns can also be a good alternative to relieve certain tensions and therefore at the same time, reduce the most unpleasant aches.

    Use hot and cold

    Exposure to very high or very low temperatures can potentially reduce the intensity of muscle soreness. A cryotherapy session or a sauna can help relieve painful aches. This technique may seem quite restrictive since it requires more investment, but its effectiveness for both muscle soreness and general well-being has already been proven many times.. 

    Sleep well

    Sleep plays a key role in the body's recovery after a workout. This is because it is during deep sleep cycles that muscle fibers repair themselves. Deep sleep cycles are related to muscle recovery while REM and light sleep cycles are more related to nerve recovery. Both shouldn't be overlooked, but muscle recovery is even more so when it comes to muscle soreness. It is therefore important to try to sleep in a dark, quiet, and not too hot room while reducing screen use at least 30 minutes before bed. Ideally, you should try to get at least 7 hours of sleep, but if you've been training hard during the day, you may need a little more sleep.. 

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