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    Fitness:Which sport to choose?

    Fitness : Quel sport choisir ? - Strakk

    You want to take up sport but you don't know which activity is right for you Why not let yourself be tempted by a fitness sport There are a multitude of choices whether it be team or individual sports, with or without equipment or at home or indoors. 

    With this article we will try to help you find the ideal sport for you!

    Tone and sculpt your muscles: muscle building

    If you want to tone and sculpt without gaining bulk, go for muscle building that doesn't require heavy loads, unlike strength training. These are exercises performed for the most part at bodyweight or with light loads and based on movements repeated many times.

    This will allow you to have a dynamic body and to shape your figure without gaining a lot of muscle mass.

    Gain mass: bodybuilding

    If you want to increase your muscle mass, turn to weight training. Strength training uses the muscles by contracting them to stimulate their development.The idea is to push, pull, and lift relatively heavy weights like dumbbells or bars in order to work your muscles to gain volume.

    Strength training offers various benefits, it obviously helps develop muscle potential but also improves blood circulation and bone density.

    Boost your whole body: cross training

    If you want to work your whole body at high intensity, crosstraining may be the perfect sport for you. This training method combines different activities such as weight lifting, athletics and gymnastics and allows you to work on different physical axes in one session.n. 

    Cross training allows you to practice an activity of a higher intensity than a conventional resistance training and works all the muscles.It also offers a great variety of exercises and is therefore ideal for those who like to vary their workouts and don't want to fall into a routine.

    Gain endurance: cardio fitness

    If you are looking for a complete sport to improve your endurance, cardio fitness may be a good option for you.Whether indoors or at home, cardio fitness exercises such as burpees or jumping jacks will allow you to work your heart and therefore strengthen your heart muscle.Thus, you will be able to both gain endurance and burn calories.

    Gain endurance and tone up: cardio boxing 

    If you are looking to gain endurance while toning up and practicing different disciplines, indulge in cardio boxing.This sport allows you to let off steam and burn calories through various exercises from boxing training, such as skipping rope, shadow boxing or even kick boxing.

    Play sports while having fun: dancing

    You want to be physically active, but traditional sports exercises make you feel discouraged. Turn to dancing to burn fat and tone your body without even realizing it. 

    Alone or with friends, this sport allows you to let off steam and have fun while improving your physical condition. You can do it very well at home without equipment and increase the intensity of your workout as much as you want by increasing the duration of your workout.

    Gain flexibility and balance: yoga

    If you want to work on your flexibility and balance, go for yoga and unify your body and mind through breath and body posture. There are different types of yoga that can be practiced at all ages and without any constraints.Beyond the benefits on flexibility and balance, yoga also helps reduce stress and build muscle strength and tone.

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