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    Pilates:5 big advantages and benefits

    Pilates : 5 grands avantages et bienfaits - Strakk

    The Pilates method: what is it?

    You've probably heard of Pilates, exercise that improves strength, posture and balance. It has the particularity of soliciting the deep muscles by practicing controlled, slow and repetitive movements. We can associate Pilates with Yoga for their common points such as their practice on the floor, the flexibility and the work of conscience and breathing that they bring. In this article, learn more about this method to find out if it is right for you!

    Pilates is for everyone

    Pilates concerns both elderly people who do not do any physical activity as well as high-level athletes. You will understand, young or old athlete, you are able to exercise this method. The fact that it provides a stronger core, better posture and a body-mind connection shows that it is of interest to everyone. The exercises that this method offers us are multiple and can be modified and adapted to the needs of each one. Often, it is necessary to differentiate between genders in the practice of this method. Indeed, the nature of the exercises may vary depending on your gender. There are even specific considerations for pregnant women. Basically, there is no exclusion in Pilates!

    It takes into account the whole body

    Pilates does not leave any part of the body behind and trains it as a whole,on one side the parts which are set in motion and on the other side those which, on the contrary, must remain immobile during the execution. The technique is performed by focusing on the trunk, upper and lower body, not forgetting the mind and the breath. It is moreover this body-mind work that gives all its interest to the Pilates method and that is difficult to find in other practices.

    Pilates method increases flexibility

    When you choose Pilates, you are working to stretch the muscles and develop your joints, which in turn leads to greater flexibility and suppleness. It is with slow, controlled exercises that include static holds and dynamic stretches that you will achieve this goal of flexibility. However, Pilates also has this role of stabilizing muscles. So be careful not to confuse flexibility with muscle imbalance. It is often at the level of this benefit that we compare Pilates to Yoga.

    Have good posture and better balance

    Pilates aims to develop deep muscles, in other words, the muscles responsible for posture such as those of the back, abdominals and pelvic floor. These areas support your body. The slow, controlled way of working these muscles is what gives these deep results. When your support muscles are strengthened, you automatically adopt good posture and gain better balance.

    Promotes weight loss

    By practicing Pilates as often as necessary, you promote weight loss. However, it must be combined with cardio and a healthy diet because alone, its exercise will not make you lose weight. In this gentle gymnastics, the stimulation of the deep musclesrequires a large energy expenditure, which necessarily consumes calories and burns stored fat.

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